Information For The Lil' Ivan
The Lil' Ivan was initially released in the 1982 Centuri catalog. Its Russian decor
reflected the cold war period at the time. Produced near the end of Centuri's
existence before Estes dropped most of the surviving Centuri line. It was one of the
first Centuri designs that used Estes parts. Instead of the ST-16, the Lil' Ivan used the
BT-60 body tube and the PNC-60MS blow molded plastic nose cone that was shared
with the Big Bertha & Baby Bertha. The Lil' Ivan was Centuri #5353 and was
introduced in 1982 with a price of 3.95.
The Repro Lil' Ivan is updated by using laser cut fins instead of the original die cut fin
sheet. The original BT-60 body tube and PNC-60MS are replaced with a balsa nose
cone and body tube sizes that would have been used in Centuri's early years. The
original rubber shock cord is replaced with an elastic cord for longer life. The original
method of attaching the shock cord has been replaced by a Kevlar cord for greater